“the affordable way to buy fabulous eyewear”

Optician Specpay providers can expect to benefit from a sales uplift on premium eyewear of around 30%, enjoy greater customer loyalty, see sharp increases in multipair purchases and see re-glazes more a rarity!

The Optician support package includes, an integrated IT platform, no risk credit finance package with fully managed DD facility, POS marketing resources pack, coaching advice, data analytics, plus online & telephone support as required.

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Benefits include:

Grow your practice

High impact improvement on sales and profits, and higher customer retention. You can expect an average like for like sales uplift of 30%

Help your customers

Customers love the freedom from better ‘affordability’ even if they can afford them!
They love all the Specpay benefits too, including interest free credit and the reassurance provided by the six-month warranties, supported by preferred supplier partners.

Stay connected

Keep your customers informed and coming back for more, with targeted valuable email marketing about eye care and eyewear.

Awesome Analytics

Discover insights with real-time data analytics to better understand your customers and what they buy. These valuable insights can support better decisions for improving the products and service you provide to them.

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  • Specpay is a great idea, I can’t imagine not providing this service for our customers to purchase their new glasses.
    Our customer feedback confirms they really value the benefits Specpay offer, particularly the monthly direct debits payments which is how many of us like to pay for things today. Second and third pairs are even more affordable and this discount  is something taken up by many of our customers.
    Mrs R S
    Dispensing Optician
  • When you’re a pensioner you’re on a limited income, you budget every month to meet your commitments and this is one way of meeting a hefty commitment on a regular basis.
    Mr P D
  • We were recommended to look at Specpay by Marchon Eyewear and are pleased that we did so. Having the Specpay ‘ecosystem’ concept, with supplier support, means that we now provide an even better offer to our customers as well as better affordability from interest free finance. The team at Specpay have visited us at the practice, set us up with their IT module on our dispensing screens and coached us how best to use credit finance with our customers, giving us the confidence we needed to make the foray into selling on finance. We are also really pleased with the help we have received from the marketing materials and the support which they’ve provided for us. We so far have a few customers who are delighted with being able to use Specpay and are hoping it won’t be long before more of our customers want to buy using finance.
    Mrs L G
    Independent Optician Partner
  • I was really surprised actually and thought about it carefully and it was explained very nicely to me and I thought oh, I’ll have a go at that, it seemed to suit my pocket and my budget. I shall keep these a wee bit longer and then think about having a plan, then again, you don’t miss it just doing it monthly. I don’t think I would be putting it out in a lump sum, not really, so it’s quite nice.
    Mrs H J
  • Specpay offers an easy solution for patient & professional alike. I can now offer products that I know will give my patient the eyewear they really need, knowing that there is a way to make it affordable. Patients can choose what they really want instead of just what they can afford at the time.
    Karen Bullen FBDO

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